SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Services Sydney NSW Australia


Looking for a local SEO Agency in Sydney That Can Bring You More Businesses?

The first 3 questions that need to be asked are “Do I need do SEO for my business website “, “Should I do SEO in-house or it is better to outsource it to a SEO Agency” “How to find a good SEO agency”. If your first 2 answers are “yes” and “need to outsource”, then you are in the right place.

But how to find a good SEO agency company that provide quality service and will help all your website higher on Google? 

“You Are What Google Says You Are”

Try different SEO keywords on Google and look for the Top 10 results (the companies that are providing Search Engine Optimisation Services) and it is a good start to look for a SEO service company to help you with all your keyword ranking on Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Why I can’t find Kungfu Marketing’s by researching some SEO key phrases on Google?

Kungfu Marketing is a new Start Up (Launched in November 2017) and we just created this web page to targeted quite a few Search Engine Optimisations keywords such as “seo services australia”, “search engine optimisation sydney” and “search engine optimisation services” which have low competitions and lower search volume (As of 21/03/2017). Watch this space and we will show you the increased ranking of this keywords sometime later and eventually on Top 10 and Top3.

We help our clients with their SEO Search Engine Optimisation. So “Talk the Talk” is not enough, we must also “Walk the Walk”.

How to find the right keywords to target for your local business in NSW ?

User Google Keyword Planner and try to type in a few keywords that your potential clients or customers may search, and then look at the “Keyword (by relevance)” to get some inspiration.

What is the UPS of Kungfu Marketing when it comes to SEO services in Sydney Australia?

Kungfu Marketing’s SEO Unique Selling proposition listed below:

  • Have been SEO for over 6 years and got some outstanding results
  • Increased one of our clients’s website traffic by around 640% by achieving top 3 Google rankings and top 10 Google ranking for a few hundreds of keywords.
  • Web Traffic increase due to improved keywords ranking
  • We only use white hat SEO tactics and make sure that your website is not penalised by Google
  •  Ranking all your targeted keywords higher on search engine and getting more website traffics are the 1st step, we also help you generate leads, nurture the leads and then turn them into warm leads (sales ready leads) which will be passed on to your sales team, so you can grow your revenue.

What SEO Services Kungfu Marketing can provide?

  1. Search Engine Optimsation Services – Audit & Competitive Analysis
  2. SEO Consulting
  3. Content Development & Optimisation
  4. Mobile Optimisation
  5. Link Building (External link building & Internal Link building)
  6. Relevant keywords research and suggestions
  7. Copy writing / Content creation including web pages and (guest) blog post creation

It is basically the whole package that help you rank all your targeted keywords higher on Google, Yahoo and Bing so you can get more organic traffic, which can then be turned into paid customers/clients.


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