About Us

Do you need more website traffic and leads can be converted into revenue? Would you like to be certain that the money you spend on Website (re-) design/Online/Inbound/Content Marketing/SEO/Online Ads delivers a high ROI?

If the answers are yes then Kungfu Marketing is your solution! We play “The Real Kungfu” in digital marketing and bring you results in a timely manner.


We are your (remote) online marketing department, but in Sydney!

More specifically, we help SMEs generate leads/inquiries that will be turned into revenue by their internal sales team

We believe in 2 things:

(1) Numbers don’t lie

(2) Results matter the most.

Our target clients: Small businesses and Medium size companies (SMEs)

Just to name one few recent results Kungfu Marketing has achieved for our clients :

(1) Increased one of our clients’ lead number by 497% in the past 11 months.

(2) Increased one of our clients’ website traffic by around 640% by achieving top 3 Google rankings and top 10 Google ranking for a few hundreds of keywords.

(3) Help our clients acquire around 4600 visitors from PPC campaign with over 400% ROI within 1 year.

(4) Increase one of our clients’ leads by around 380% with about 200 leads per month through marketing automation software Hubspot.

(5) Working with the sales team, and converted over 250 new and return website visitors into new customers for one client

We help clients with website design, digital content strategy and online marketing execution including link building, on page content optimisation, blogging, whitepaper creation, landing page creation and optimisation, email marketing, workflow management, website usability improvement and conversion rate optimisation.

We always believe that: “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing” – Tom Fishburne

Learn more about what we do, please go to our Online Marketing Services Page OR Website & Email Templates Design and Development Or you can Call us on (02) 8040 6063 or Send an email to aaronc[at]KungfuMarketing.com.au for Inquiry