WordPress Website Design & Development Services

Is building your website on WordPress the best solution for your business website?

At Kungfu Marketing, We build and re-design WordPress websites for our clients because we think it is the best solution for your business websites.

Our clients and us love to use WordPress as the content management platform to build, re-design business websites and manage online content because of the follow benefits and features:

  • Save Money
  • Secure
  • Backups
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • BLOG = Improved SEO
  • Design Customisation
  • Consistent Layout on Pages
  • Accessible
  • Growing Your Website
  • Add Media

How To Build A WordPress Website?

Building a website could be super quick process nowdays, especially when you use build and design a website based on WordPress.

If you need a very basic WordPress site, you can choose one of the FREE Themes/Templates provided by WordPress.

If you would like to have more options to choose from, choose one of the premium themes from ThemeForest which will cost you around 50 US dollars.

It is true that they are pre-built templates and you can hardly custom the design, but most of the premium template/themes have professional look and are beautifully designed. It is one of the good option to start with.

Another way to build a business WordPress website is to build it from scratch, it is not recommended because the cost is high. A custom built business wordpress website that have 5-7 pages will at least cost you thousands of australian dollars.

What Is The Best Choice To Build A Business Website Based Using WordPress?

The answer is simple. There are 3 components here: WordPress, WordPress framework and WordPress framework skin (theme)

Why should you use a framework?

  • Accelerated Development
  • Frameworks Provide Much Needed Code Abstraction
  • User-Friendly Control Of Design And Layout Features
  • Readily Available Support
  • Highly Reliable
  • Improved SEO

What are the best and most popular framework?

Thesis” By (DIYThemes) and “Genesis” By (StudioPress) are two of the best and most popular framework being used in the market.

Lots of themes (skins) have been designed and built to work with Thesis and Genesis framework. Therefore, you can build and design an SEO friendly and well designed WordPress website with a solid foundation

How can Kungfu Marketing Help You With Your Web Design?

  • We can use pre-built theme (templates) to build your business webistes
  • With a bit extra cost, we can also use WordPress framework plus framework skin (themes) to build your business website

Why Choose Kungfu Marketing To Build Your Business Website?


  • We help you pick the best WordPress Theme (Skins) after researching your company online and face to face consultant with you
  • We give you guideline on how to create SEO Friendly your web pages and that help you define your value proposition and your UPS (Unique selling proposition)
  • We optimised the content you created and make sure it is not only SEO friendly but also User (website audience) friendly
  • We can use the images you provide to us or we can choose/purchase the quality pictures that represent your company when designing your business website
  • We can install a few useful plugins for you, so you can use WordPress a lot more efficiently to manage your online webiste content
  • We help you set up contact form so your potential clients or customer can also contact you through online contact form
  • We help you set up email opt in funnel and auto responders, so you can capture people’s names and emails address for future EMAIL MARKETING
  • We make sure that the website designed by us has the highest conversion rate (from website traffic to leads)

Low Cost

  • By using Kungfu marketing’s web design service, you can get the DISCOUNT price on wordpress themes (templates) and wordpress framework as refurbishment cost
  • We only charge you service fee at the most affordable rate

Short Lead Time

  • It will take some website design companies a few months to design your website, it won’t happen with us.
  • You can get a SEO friendly and nicely designed website in 1-2 weeks, or even within a few days if you can get back to us with your company information in a written format very quickly

Customer Services

  • We will train you how to edit your content for your company website using wordpress’ content management system so you can update your content whenever you want (DIY)
  • We can also provide WordPress custom design if you are not happy with certain design or functionality of the WordPress theme in the future, we provide 1 STOP solution
  • We provide online marketing services if you need it after the web design services, what is the point of having an fabulous business website with nobody looking at it and get generate traffic and leads from your company websites?

Also looking for some Website Hosting Solution
, Kungfu Web Hosting could hlep

Call us on (02) 8040 6063 or Send an email to Aaronc[at]KungfuMarketing.com.au to inquire about our WordPress Website Design Services