More Traffic, More Leads, More Revenue Through Our Online Marketing Services (We Have A Proven Track Record)

6 Reasons Why Kungfu Marketing Can Help Grow Your Businesses

No matter if you are a start up, small business or mid-size company, you are in the right place for seeking QUALITY digital marketing services with SHORT lead time!

  • One Stop eMarketing Solutions

    Providing SEO, inbound & content marketing, email marketing & advertising services etc.

  • We Strive For Client Happniess

    Result is the only thing we care about and it leads to client satisfaction and happniess!

  • We Deliver Services Promptly

    Short lead time: We reply to emails within 1 hour and deliver results in a timely manner!

  • Our Goal Is Always To Be No.1

    There can only be one champion in digital marketing and our "Kungfu" allows us to achieve it!

  • We Have Proven Track Record

    We have generated outstanding results for our clients in the past few years!

  • We Earn Trust Through Numbers

    Numbers never lie and we grow our clients' business based on numbers!

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What Client Says About Us

“Aaron’s training session on SEO was full of useful tips and gave us the information we needed to optimise our website. Recommended for those who want to learn SEO from an expert.” - - - Nancy Choy from

3 Ways To Help Your Company Become More Profitable

More than ever content is disrupting the traditional marketing approach. Why? Because consumers are in complete control of what they want to engage in. To succeed in today's digital marketing, your company should:

  • Create Your Content

    Content creation is the 1st step to be successful in digital marketing. Content is king and everything starts from content.

  • Distribute Your Content

    Content distribution through Seach Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social media marketing, email marketing and online advertising are the keys!

  • Drive Profitable Customer Action

    After valuable, relevant and consistent content is created and distributed correctly, a clearly-defined audience can be attracted and retained, and will help generate profitable results!

Online Marketing Services Proudly Provided from Sydney

Website Design, Content Creation (Copy Writing), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound and Content Marketing, Online Advertising Across All Channels, One on One Training & Consultation

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    Traffic Generation

  • #2

    Lead Generation

  • #3

    Lead Nurturing

  • #4

    Conversion Rate Optimisation

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Who We Are

Kungfu Marketing is an online marketing agency striving to provide Web design and Digital marketing services such as content creation, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound and Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Advertisement Services (Accross All Platforms) to start ups, small businesses and mid-size companies...

  • Attract

    Increase Website Traffic

  • Convert

    Traffic to leads & Leads to Sales

  • Delight

    Customers/Clients become our brand advocates

Case Studies

Increased one client's Website Traffic increased by 640% within 22 months & Grew one of our clients' lead number by 497% within 11 months

Why Choose Us To Help Grow Your Business (Traffic & Leads)?

1. Proven Track Record Of Success

2. Short Lead Time To Get Jobs Done

3. Affordable Price For "Win-Win"

4. Quality Work And Results Driven

5. Easy To Communicate and Very Responsive

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